As an Empath and Intuitive Ish has a reputation for developing empathetic and trusting relationships with her clients. She is passionate about helping individuals be the best they can be through transformative workshop and private sessions to improve their health and well-being. She successfully runs a private practice and workshops engaging clients through a sensory cacophony of music, dance, breath work, guiding and facilitating them to a state of mind-body-spirit union.

Over fifteen years of experience and training, Ish has fused several therapies including Nutritional Therapy

With over fifteen years of experience and training, Ish has fused several therapies including Nutritional Therapy, Spagyrics and Quantum Touch crafting a unique style and method for her workshops and individual sessions. Her roles have included national product trainer for a global health company, as a Nutritional Therapist she has given talks and presentations in the UK, the Middle East and been a guest nutritional advisor on TV. Ish has also been a healer at the Rainbow Healing Centre, Northwood for over 8 years

Always passionate about movement and its therapeutic efficacy Ish undertook a MA program in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) at Goldsmiths University. Here she learned about the psychosomatic nature of dis-ease and how our bodies can 'hold' old belief patterns and traumas.  

Her love of dance and movement, music, nature, and the healing arts is enthusiastically shared with her clients.  As one of only two non-professional dancers selected at Goldsmiths she was the first person ever to set up the Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) society at the university and became the first elected president. 

She is also the first therapist to incorporate the Dance of Awareness model of therapeutic movement to London; a unique form of movement practice created by the pioneering work of Clare Osbond and Tim Brown, founders of the Brighton School of Embodied Therapy.

Ish has acquired a diverse range of healing techniques from different cultures and practices.  For almost a decade she has been a student of energy medicine; so much compelling research and knowledge is emerging in this field that she regards herself as a perpetual, learner sharing these techniques and research with clients.



  • BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences/ specialising in Nutritional Therapy, University of Westminster 
  • Post-Graduate course in Mind-Body Medicine, University of Westminster.


  • Spiritual Healing - Rainbow Healing Centre, London, UK
  • Quantum Touch – UK, Level 1
  • Quantum Touch – UK, Level 2
  • Advanced Face Reflexology - MSCM (Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, UK)
  • Advanced Stone Face Reflexology - MSCM, UK
  • Eastern/Ayurvedic Face Massage - MSCM, UK
  • Oriental Face Reading - MSCM, UK


  • Contemporary Dance Level 1 (The Place -London)
  • Kathak Dance (The Bharatiya vidya Bhavan & The Place - London)
  • Oddissi Dance (The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - London)
  • Movement Medicine (UK Workshops, Europe)
  • Sherborne Developmental Movement (Workshop - London)
  • Dance of Awareness Practitioner - Brighton School of Embodied Therapy.


  • BAHA -  British Alliance of Healing Associations
  • ADMP – Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists

Ish’s Inspiration

Swaraj is a Sanskrit word meaning 'independent governance' Ghandi used the term during the Partition of India.

The meaning of the word reflects the notion of generating new space, systems and processes and a holistic vision of human potential for self-love, self-responsibility and the capacity for self-realisation.

Ish’s maternal grandfather, a descendant of Partition imbued all that represents Swaraj. With his strength, fearlessness, courage, true to himself he left the divided terrain destination England. 

Despite displacement and trauma of leaving his home and business with nothing but the clothes he was wearing, he rebuilt a new life. 

Ish dedicates her work to his, resilience, fortitude and an independent will

Her cultural and familial heritage of East and West is the sculptor of the scaffold that she now builds and grows upon. 

With immense reverence and gratitude she is sincerely indebted to her teachers, relationships, experiences and above all her clients, all of whom continue to bring new angles, growth and learning to the scaffolds continuum; a profoundly invaluable and humbling aspect to her personal growth.