These balms are made with the intention to work at a spiritual level and support the process in the Ishwarane and Swaraj sessions.  Away from the sessions they are applied intuitively where you wish, either on chakra centres or pressure points.  The process of applying them and their aroma helps ‘re-set’ and ‘re-mind’ you of the uplifting feelings experienced in the workshops and the intentions that you set. Studies have shown aroma and smell can trigger emotional experiences (olfaction).

Formulation include: the ‘Break-free’ Balm, ‘Cherish yourself’ Balm, Metamorphosis Balm and more.  


“Therefore, learn Alchimiam, otherwise called Spagyria, which teaches you to separate the false from the true”


Spagyric medicine is an ancient natural system of healing and has been brought up to date using modern pharmaceutical methods of manufacture and safety standards. Spagyric is based on the alchemical concept of transformation, forerunner of modern day chemistry.

Spagyric is a complete medical system in itself and a vast area of natural medicine. It is a unique and harmonious synergy of modern herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy and mineral therapy.

This natural medicine is well known in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and Belgium and is fast gaining popularity in many other countries around the world, especially among doctors, pharmacists and natural health practitioners interested in energy medicine and medicinal plants.

Ish is practicing  and works with PHYLAK-Spagyric medicine (method of Dr Zimpel), which is recognised in the German Pharmacopoeia (paragraphs 25 & 26).

PHYLAK laboratories in Switzerland and Germany are at the cutting edge of technology in manufacture of natural medicine, and comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).