What is it?

Ish developed this method of meditation with a ‘twist’ there are moments of concentrated quiet and stillness interweaved with moments of setting intentions through the power of focused thoughts. Associating these thoughts with gentle movements anchors the intentions further.  

Research by neuroscientists at a number of universities indicates that regular and repeated training of the brain in this way will produce measurable changes in brain anatomy, with positive changes in attitude, behaviour, and mood. 

Aim and expected outcome

To guide you into a deep, relaxed state of inner connectedness united with your true authentic self. Realign thoughts and emotions reflecting self-value, self-love, self-worth & harmonising mind body and spirit. With peace, acceptance and dissolution of all that no longer resonates, here begins the process of aligning and attuning with one’s goals and aspirations, emerging from the chrysalis amid clarity and a mind set for emotional and physical wellbeing.  

Who may benefit?

  • During periods of transition and challenging phase
  • Setting of new goals
  • Feeling stuck in a present situation
  • Overwhelmed by stressful life events
  • Looking for a new direction in life
  • Looking to create more peace in your everyday life
  • Wanting to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Wanting clarity
  • Recovering from illness
  • Or just simply be still away from ‘the madding crowd’

Duration: One and half hour (beginners) and two and half hours (experienced)

Price: £25 (B) £35.00 (E)

Venue: Northwood

Time: 7.30-9.00 pm (B) 7.30-10 pm (E)