What is it?

This one-to-one in-depth review of the health circumstances that bring you here and sets the foundation and direction for how we will together to repair and replete you back to health. These sessions are totally confidential and safe for you to talk freely without judgement.  Ish will coach you with nutrition including specific juicing and smoothie combinations, supplements, plant essences (Spagyrics) and work with Quantum Touch healing on you. 

In this very first session the therapeutic journey is set in motion inclusive of the following modalities:

  • Supplemental programme (purchased separately)
  • Dietary advice (included)
  • Quantum Touch (included)
  • Spagyrics (included)

Follow up session review progress and are followed by Quantum Touch as are subsequent sessions.  

Aims and Expected Outcome

To restore harmony and health to mind-body and spirit through diet, lifestyle modifications, support with modifying old thought patterns; introducing vitamins and minerals in the most bio-absorbable form.  Improve energy and vitality.

Who may it benefit?

Those with:

  • digestive problems such as IBS, 
  • Food intolerances
  • Low immunity
  • Low energy
  • Wanting to improve diet
  • Improve mood, depression, anxiety
  • Improve hair and skin health
  • Improve overall health and well-being

Duration:  two to three hours

Price: First Consultation £175, Follow ups sessions £55. 

Venue:  Northwood Healing Room