What is it?

Ish designed this treatment for people who have difficulty in relaxing, lead stressful lives and cannot attend workshops.  It combines: Face Reflexology, Face Stone Reflexology and massage corresponding to Ayurvedic and Chinese face pressure points and face zone maps.  The experience is deeply enhanced with the addition of Quantum Touch and Balms of Intention.

Aims and expected outcome:

Stimulation of energy points increasing circulation to facial muscles, enhancing tone, elasticity and firmness.  It also increases collagen production and supports cell rejuvenation. Deeply relaxing, calming and soothing accumulated tension in face, head and neck is eased as a sense of tranquillity enfolds you.  This is further amplified as energy work brings balance and harmony to mind and body.

Who may benefit?

  • Feeling tired, exhausted, under the weather
  • Want to feel revitalised and refreshed
  • Low in energy and vitality
  • Wanting a break 
  • Going through challenging phase
  • Sense of relaxation and calm
  • Recovering from illness
  • Or just simply drift away from ‘the madding crowd

Duration:     hour and half

Price:             £75.00

Venue:          Northwood Healing Room