Ish is a fantastic experienced practitioner who is in tune with a person’s needs and is able to adapt the Ishwarane session accordingly.

The space was calm and welcoming and the session was longer than expected. I was able to engage with all the sessions although some were more powerful for me than others. What I found useful was that Ish was keen to have feedback and would adapt the next session to suit my needs.

I felt part of my group although I initially did not know anyone. A get to know session was built in to the first session and Ish is brilliant at making a person feel at home.

To top it all we were given two tubs of balms which we used in the sessions and delicious teas and snacks which just added to the whole experience. To share this experience with others built my confidence in a way I did not expect; a beautiful calming experience which went beyond my expectations.  I would definitely do it again as it helped me to be kind to myself and relax.

Thank you Ish,
Forever grateful
Aamirah. London

Attending the Ishwarane Meditation has been a wonderful experience for me.

Ish is an excellent practitioner/healer who is able to facilitate on a 1:1 bases within a group.  To me that’s amazing, as it demonstrates how in tune Ish is when she’s guiding us through the meditations – it’s like she’s speaking directly to you and seems to know how you feel!  

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I can say is wow!  Each meditation I attended (I missed two) helped me to make that much needed shift!!

The room is a tranquil, loving and safe space to make powerful shifts.

We are also given inspirational cards at the beginning of each session and use our balms as we set our intentions.   

At the end of each session Ish provides organic refreshments, which brings the session to a beautiful close as we all talk and share the experience.  

It’s been a special experience plus I got to meet some lovely people – now friends.


OMG! Your creams are just AMAZING! I really love the hand & body one, it’s exquisite, so light & subtle in smell yet so effective. The anti aging balm is so moisturizing & I just love the Balms of Intention which I mostly apply before meditation.

Ishy you HAVE TO GET THESE PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET. People will love them! I would certainly use them & they would make great gifts for people. Beside you really get the feeling when you use them that there is a non physical ingredient in them. I don’t know if you make them with love, if it’s your Quantum meditation coming through but they have a beautiful energetic vibration to them, and in this sense they seem to also work on a subtle level not just on the physical.


Dear Ish can I just say how wonderful your healing and face therapy is.  I’ve never experienced such a treatment before and feel like a new person every time I have had this treatment.  The treatment sets me in balance and I feel much calmer.  Thank you for the balm, my skin loves it.

Thank you for the care and kindness.

Best wishes
Kay Till

Ish is a highly respected and experienced healer whom I have worked with on numerous occasions.  She is a lady of great sensitivity and talent in her field and someone whom I would not hesitate to recommend.

I have been a qualified healer for in excess of 29 years and offer Ish my full support.

Alan Paul Michaels F.C.A
MNFSH (Healer Member of the Healing Trust)

Came to know Ish through another client of hers; I was down physically and emotionally.  She has helped my become much stronger in myself and supports me through chronic health problems with lots of nutritional suggestions, I have learned so much about how to manage my health.  I have now known her for over three years and find her Quantum Touch very relaxing and calming, I have regular sessions with Ish.  She is as professional as she is kind and loving.

NS, Maida Vale.

My time with Ish will always be dear to me.  I attended our session when I felt lost, anxious and unhappy with the events unfolding in my life at the time.  She taught and directed me about the power of the mind.  Her coaching in acceptance and self-love continue to resonate throughout my daily life now, for which I am very grateful.  She is a great listener and I was lucky to have her support on my journey.

From the heart - thank you so much.
ZK, Harrow

Its a story about to visit a new world when I met Ish. It was entirely different experience to put myself in such type of healing. My presenting complaints were not new and less in number. My first impression was how a non medical person can work with medical issues. First session went well, in exploring, digging, neutralizing and acclimatizing to energy work.

The place was so quiet and calm, ambiance was good. My gradual sessions made me comfortable and I didn't mind travelling far from my place for the sessions.

That was my first experience in energy work so I have no comparison with other practitioners but only doctors, that Ish is better than medicines. She was beyond my expectations, every week new surprises of detailed report with diet schedule, which covered every part of my body and mind.

After few sessions I discovered myself, I realized that I have ignored myself from such a long time.

Love you Ish

Thank-you Ish.
The immense love and support from you and the group was incredibly warming, moving and powerful.
I am very grateful to you for organising these profound workshops! xxx